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About Gold & Silber Schweiz AG

Active precious metal trading

as an alternative investment

An investment in Gold & Silber Schweiz AG allows you to participate in precious metals trading combined with an innovative jewellery business
The company’s mission is to generate added value through actively trading and profitable refining of previous metals, with no stock market involvement.

Through your investment in Gold & Silber Schweiz AG you participate in:

  • a high-value company foundation built on mainstream gold and silver bullion and bars
  • high-margin sales of jewellery, art objects and everyday items made of precious metals

Rather than speculate in precious metals, you participate in a business that actively works with these raw materials and generates added value in the process.

The founders of

Gold & Silber Schweiz AG

The leading figure in the business concept and the company is Andreas K. Hoffmann. He is ably supported by his business partner and wife, Martina Mittelmann, who oversees jewellery design.

Having set up his own company, Reges Novi Anlageberatung, Andreas Hoffmann has built up enormous expertise in advising direct clients. Martina Mittelmann also has her own specialist firm trading in precious metals, Gold & Silber am Bodensee, serving a combined total of more than 1,500 customers

Andreas Hoffmann is a leading expert in precious metal investments and has delivered around 90 talks on modern finance. His ideas have repeatedly been quoted or discussed in the financial press. His mission has always been to create a peerless investment designed to meet the challenges of the future.

An investment in gold and silver is an

investment in historical stability

From the very beginnings of civilisation, gold, silver and jewellery have always held their value. They have never been worthless.

For the Ancient Egyptians, the Incas and our Indo-Germanic ancestors, gold was a symbol of the sun and therefore, in the age of cults, embodied a direct link to the gods who sent the sunlight needed to sustain life. Finds such as the Nebra sky disk, the treasures of Tutankhamun’s tomb, or the legendary treasures of the Incas and Aztecs are historical testaments of gold’s huge importance.

Precious metals first became established as a secure form of payment in antiquity. The stamp of Ancient Greece’s city states on drachmas served as a guarantee for the correct weight of the coins. Thus began the minting of coins over the centuries.

Jewellery was – and still is, in many cultures – a popular way to protect your money against crisis. Gold bracelets are particularly common on the Indian subcontinent and in Arabian countries as a customary vehicle for making provisions for old age or a wedding dowry.

We combine state-of-the-art manufacturing

and sales techniques with proven security

In Europe and America, high-quality jewellery has over time evolved into a luxury item. Very expensive artisan production and jewellers’ enormous mark-ups make jewellery unnecessarily expensive. Considering that jewellers also tend to be passive in their sales approach and have to pay comparatively high rents in prime locations, the concept behind our investment proposition is self-explanatory.

We combine low-cost sales strategies with efficient, highly automated manufacturing techniques and the historical stability that only gold and silver can offer. We refine, rather than speculate.

Planning and investing responsibly

– and for the long term

Gold & Silber Schweiz AG is aware of its economic and social responsibility, as well its allegiance to investors and business partners. We are committed to meeting the challenges we have been set and justifying the trust placed in us, especially with respect to future generations.

With transparency, a sense of appreciation and an eye on the bigger picture, we hope to travel together with you into a golden era – through Gold & Silber Schweiz AG.

Best wishes
Martina Mittelmann & Andreas Hoffmann