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The unique investment concept

As a company trading in precious metals and jewellery, we put gold and silver to work for you and offer a security concept made to protect your assets whatever the future may bring!

Imagine you are owner of a brand with the most beautiful jeweller branches in europe - earning double digit dividends!

  • Offering fantastic jewellry for a much better price than the competitors!
  • Settled on gold, silver and fantastic art objects!
  • In case of a severe financial crisis, our precious metal goods are a solid stronghold we can rely on
  • Creating sparkling profits with genuine gold and silver  - With the most competitive company in the jeweller industry
  • Independent of the stock markets!

    Gold & Silber Schweiz AG – the perfect mid-term investment!

So how can you generate reasonable returns from physical precious

metals independently of stock markets?

  • We create added value. With simple, transparent and logical methods
  • A novel form of direct investment combines traditional assets with innovation
  • No matter what the future brings, we have combined the best of both worlds
  • Solid physical holdings of precious metals and a plausible business concept enable the company to generate very attractive product margins


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