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Gold & Silber Schweiz AG


What kind of investment is this?

Preferred shares of the unquoted company Gold & Silber Schweiz AG are offered. The shares are restricted tradable and have an entrepreneurial character, meaning that investors are involved in the profits and losses of the company. Equities have the character of equity and, of course, are not hedged by the deposit insurance. The investment horizon is clearly to be seen in the medium term.

What is the corporate purpose of Gold and Silver Switzerland AG?

Gold und Silber Schweiz AG has two main objectives, which are formulated in the statutes and are binding on the Supervisory Board:

1. to generate profits for the shareholders with real gold and silver as a high cost and sales-optimized precious metals trading and jewellry company, regardless of the stock exchange.

2. To provide precious metals to shareholders in the event of a severe financial crisis and to do everything necessary to ensure their solvency. 

Gold und Silber Schweiz AG may also participate in other companies that are required to fulfill the two points above. Worthwhile participations in other companies should be profitable in the short term and serve the necessary security infrastructure construction in the long term.

How does Gold and Silver Switzerland AG want to earn profits?

The goal is to earn retail trade margins by buying / selling precious metals and jewelry. For this purpose, a novel, highly cost-, range- and sales-optimized business model should be set up. The goal is to offer a full assortment in the precious metals sector which covers all customer interests. Gold Silber Schweiz AG would like to be known as the provider with the best price / performance offer in the industry.

How does the high profit come about?

Even if Gold und Silber Schweiz AG's jewelry prices are significantly better than in the competition, a product margin of mostly 100% remains, which is also calculated in the business plan.

Since the Gold & Silver Schweiz AG is strongly cost optimized, it is realistic that after operational costs such as wages, rents….the profits can be in the clear double-digit range.

Is real gold and silver available in case of emergency?

The company holds a strong quote of it´s assets in physical precious metals. Most of it in common bullions coins in small denominations. If a severe financial crisis occurs, the members of the board will find a solutions together with the shareholders to support them. There is no individual availability of gold and silver before. 

Where are the precious metals and what control do shareholders have over them?

The precious metals are stored in a high-security vault in Liechtenstein / Switzerland outside the banking sector and are fully insured against theft and embezzlement. The shareholders elect 7 inspectors each year at the plenary meeting to inspect the inventories every six months for completeness and authenticity. In addition, 5 of the inspectors have to sign for the removal or sale of precious metals.

How long is the investment horizon when investing in Gold & Silver Switzerland AG?

It should only be invested capital that is at least 4 years freely to the plant. The part that is invested in the operational part of the company is tied up and takes time to generate profit. In the case of rising gold and silver prices, the cost price can be achieved much faster, but this is speculative. The investment is an investment with a medium-term horizon and limited tradability.

What are the expected yearly profits of the company?

After a start-up period of 3 years after opening the first branch 8% dividend should be paid. In the planned full expansion stage, the calculated company surpluses are well over 20% per year. Despite the significantly lower price-performance ratio, the product margin is 100% (versus 200-300% margin which are charged to the customers by a lot or our competitors). Increasing precious metal prices increase profits, as does a company sale or IPO. Both are additional profit potentials that are not considered at the moment. All statements in this context are non-binding and may be higher or lower. Even a loss can not be excluded.

Is the shareholder dependent on rising precious metal stock market prices?

No, the projected profits in the business plan do not imply any increase in the price of precious metals. Should prices rise on the stock market, this will increase shareholders' profits significantly. Falling prices have a negative impact on the value of metal reserves, but the annual operating profit would then increase. As the jewelry prices are usually adjusted only at heavily fallen prices. If the price of the jewelry remains the same, the profit margin increases, because the gold contained in the jewelry can be bought cheaper. By the way profits can be higher or lower than prospected. There is no guarantee at all.

Is the purchase of bearer shares subject to the Financial Market Authority / SRO?

No, however, there is the obligation to register according to Art. 697i OR. This means that the Shareholder must identify himself to Gold & Silver Switzerland Ltd., and is listed in the shareholders' book. A change of shares must be indicated otherwise dividend rights expire.

Is the operative business subject to the Financial Market Authority / SRO?

Yes, Gold & Silver Schweiz AG applies the current GWG regulations on the purchase of precious metals above the cash limits of currently 25 TSD CHF and is also audited annually in this connection.

What advantages and disadvantages do the bearer shares of Gold & Silver Schweiz AG have?

Advantages: The shares of Gold & Silber Schweiz AG can be sold by the owner at any time, irrespective of bank and stock market holidays. The ownership of the shares takes place through the physical handover of the certificates. 

Bearer shares are not electronically controllable and enjoy a high degree of discretion.

Disadvantages: Bearer shares are not as liquid as marketable shares. Trading on the secondary market is currently only possible to a very limited extent. 

The shares have a purchase price of at least CHF 22 and a par value of CHF 0.01 has are there any disadvantages for me?


The preferential actions are preferred with:

1. Votes

For votes, only the registered shares and the preference shares with a purchase price of at least CHF 20 are entitled to vote. This means that the current preference shareholders currently own only a few percent of the shares, but control the total 49% of all preference shares due to the shareholder agreement and are therefore entitled to vote more than in classic stock models. Significant changes to the contract require a majority of 66%, so unilateral changes to the important contracts by holders of the remaining shares are not possible.

2. Dividend distributions

3. Precious metal reference.

Expiration purchase of shares:

The ambassadors have the opportunity to introduce Gold & Silver Schweiz AG to interested investors.

A sale takes place exclusively directly from the stock corporation to the shareholders.

If you are interested, the customer will contact Gold & Silver Schweiz AG or download the purchase contract directly from the Internet on the homepage. This purchase contract is then filled out by the customer and sent signed to Switzerland and signed by the Board of Directors.

The purchase price can be paid in cash, in precious metal or by bank transfer. If the purchase price is in cash or with precious metal, it will be accepted in Switzerland. In addition, a copy of the ID card is required for the legitimacy of the shareholder. For companies the documents acc. legal requirement.

If the subscription is made in Euro / USD by bank transfer, it will be converted into Swiss francs on the day the payment is received. It makes sense to pay the transfer amount by 1.5%. Positive differences will be refunded after conversion.

The buyer will now be entered in the share register of Gold & Silver Schweiz AG and the share certificates will be issued subsequently. These will then be sent to the investors with all important contract documents by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.


Gold and Silver Switzerland AG announces profit and loss to the shareholder. There is no further notification to domestic or foreign tax authorities. This is the responsibility of the shareholder.

The acquisition of Gold & Silber Schweiz AG preference shares directly at the AG is not subject to the Financial Market Authority. There are no reporting obligations in this connection.

A new shareholder is obliged to report to the AG and acc. to § 697i OR legitimize. In case of omission there is no entitlement to dividend.

Loss of Bearer Shares:

In the case of loss / theft of the shares, a declaration of nullity must be obtained from the competent district court. This is chargeable at about 400 CHF. After that, a replacement certificate can be issued. A loss should be reported immediately as the holder of the stock is eligible for the precious metal.